Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Amber!

Amber and Emily on Amber's 3rd Birthday
Happy 30th Birthday to my older sister Amber!  Amber and I are only 13 months apart in age.  I have always felt lucky to be so close in age with my sister and to have a built in best friend.  Amber and I were constantly mistaken for twins when we were kids.  It is probably more because of the ridiculous short, permed haircut our mother gave us both then the fact we actually looked a like.   I am sure many people also thought that no parents in their right minds would have two children so close in age on purpose!  Of course like any sisters we have had our fair share of arguments and hair pulling fights, but she has always looked after me. 

I remember after my first season of bobsled I came home and had 12 cents in my bank account.  My sister knew I was struggling and would randomly, on her own, add money into my account to help me survive.  I have always been proud of my older sister and I hope that if some day I have children they will have a relationship with their siblings like I have had with mine.
Christmas 1983


Flower Girls 1985
Amber's wedding June 2011

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2011-2012 Bobsled Season

Bree and Emily in the Susan G Komen Boobsled