Thursday, April 30, 2015

A few weeks ago I packed up my car and headed south to Chula Vista, California to train with the USA Rugby Team.  I am excited for my new adventure, but also understand the grit and the work effort the sport demands.  Every day I feel challenged whether it is physically or mentally.  Each day I learn as much as I can and then try and retain all the information and put it into practice the following day.  I am amazed by the willingness of the team to answer any questions I have and assist me with the many mistakes I make. 

It is surreal that after spending the past year working and going to school, I now find myself again in an environment where I am surrounded by the Olympic rings and Olympic Champions.  Although I understand this will definitely not be an easy road, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to experience high level athletics from a different perspective and to see how my body and mind can adapt.  Tune in next time….  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thank You All Blues!

All Blue Family,

I wanted to share some exciting news with all of you.  Recently, I was offered an opportunity to train full time in Chula Vista for the next few months and after much thought I have decided to go for it.  I cannot thank you all enough for your love, encouragement, patience and support throughout the past year.  You made me feel comfortable and included and I know I have gained some lifelong friends in the bay area.
When I first moved here a little over a year ago, I was lost and struggling to find my way.  I was coming off a pretty complex and upsetting end to my Bobsled career and was unclear where that left me.  Thanks to my friends Jenny and Mari Triplett I made my way directly out the All Blues where I was met by Coach Chou and Coach Kate and two days later found myself playing my first rugby game!  It has been an unexpectedly quick progression, but I am grateful for this opportunity.

I am truly falling in love with the sport and most of all the amazing rugby community.  I am excited to take with me all that I have learned from each of you and hope to make the All Blues proud!  Thank you for being so accepting.  Bigger Better Bluer!

Emily Azevedo

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sisterly Love

A week ago my sisters and I were able to go to a Garth Brooks concert together.  We had great seats (thanks to Geneva hooking it up) and experienced an amazing show.   I always love getting a chance to spend time with my sisters especially now that we are older and are really able to appreciate each other.  In the previous years I have been very focused on training and competing and because of this often times missed little get togethers like this.  I find myself truly appreciating the time I have been able to share with my sisters throughout the past year.  I did not realize how nice it would be to be home and included in on events I use to miss out on.  I am looking forward to the next adventure we share together!