Sunday, August 12, 2012

Girls RULE!

Women have come a long way in the Olympic Games since their debut in Paris in 1900.  The 2012 Olympic Games was what seemed to be a coming out party for female athletes.  This was the first Olympic Games women were represented from every country participating and prior to these games three nations had never sent female athletes to an Olympics.  It is great to see the growth of female sports not only in our nation, but internationally as well.  For these women representing nations that had never sent female athletes to an Olympic Games the outcome was not nearly as important as breaking through and being able to represent their country.  These women have paved the way for other female athletes from their countries in the future. 

Because of women in the past breaking through in our own country United States female athletes out numbered and out preformed their male counterparts.  Had the women of the 2012 United States Olympic Team been considered their own nation only China would have racked up more Olympic gold medals and of the 46 gold medals won by the United States 29 of them will be brought home by female athletes.  Well done ladies!  As a female athlete it is hard to not be proud of what these women have accomplished.  My hope is that the women of the 2012 Olympics will continue to be role models for young aspiring female athletes and help to expand the growth of women’s sports in
our nations.