Sunday, June 14, 2015

I thought I would share an email I received from a former teammate that I recently stumbled upon:

I know I don't try to inspire you often other than yelling at you or trying to "toughen you up". But I wanted to share this with you. I like John Wooden quotes. I have never been more proud to have been associated with someone. I hope you can take the time to believe that this is what makes you successful...

John Wooden coined his definition of success as, “peace of mind, attained only through self-satisfaction and knowing you made the effort to do the best that you are capable.” He continues, “If you make the effort to do the best of what you’re capable and improve the situation that exists for you, I think that’s success and I don’t think others can judge that. I think it’s like character and reputation. Your reputation is what you’re perceived to be. Your character is what you really are. And I think your character is much more important than what you’re perceived to be.”