Sunday, March 22, 2015

Help Lady Cavaliers get to Nationals!

The Cavaliers have qualified to play in the High School Rugby National Championships in May, but are in need of financial support to make their trip a reality.  The girls are reigning Divisions 2 National Champions and are looking to move up to Division 1 this season.  Click on the link below to hear their story and to support the team!  Thank you!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Recently the Pleasanton Cavaliers played a well fought match against the Sacramento Amazons.  The Amazons are a well-established rugby club known for being aggressive and shifty.  Many of these young players have grown up playing rugby for a most of their lives and know the sport like the back of their hand.  The Amazons definitely live up to their name and are always a tough team to take on.  The Cavaliers prepared themselves mentally and physically for the match and were able to execute an established game plan.   The victory was a milestone for the Cavaliers Rugby Club and a testament to the staff and the growth of girl’s rugby in the tri valley and the bay area.

Prior to the match the girls were told to write down the name of a person that had impacted them.  They each put the names in their sock as a reminder that they were playing for someone other than themselves and their teammates.   The girls played with heart and refused to back down to opponents much larger in size.   After the game I was approached by one of the players and was told by her she wrote my name down.   I was incredibly moved by her gesture and proud that I had positively affected her rugby experience.   I am proud to be a part of the Cavaliers coaching staff and I am looking forward to continuing to helping the girls improve and grow.  Congrats Lady Cavs!!