Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ben and Ashley Azevedo

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Try try try again...

In rugby when a player scores it is called a ‘try.’  It seems a very fitting name as it usually takes multiple attempts to put points on the board.  The team has to work together, passing the ball, creating holes and gaps in the defense, so that a player can hopefully sneak through and score.  Many times players will be knocked off their feet and get a mouth full of grass as the team works towards a try.  When this happens it is important you can trust you have teammates to protect you and the ball.  If you do not have ‘friends’ with you the ball could be turned over and the other team has major scoring potential. 

Many times you have to attempt different options in life and mark different ideas off your list before you are able to reach the back of the try zone and ‘score.’  I am finding it more difficult than I had expected to narrow down the many career options life has handed me.  As a friend told me you have to turn over ever puzzle piece before starting to connect and put the puzzle together.  I can truly identify with that.  I work diligently towards turning over my pieces one by one so that I can find what fits together. 

As in Rugby it is important to have a team with you for support and protection when life knocks you down.  Treading murky waters alone can be difficult and will not have the end result desired.  It is a lot less difficult when support is swimming alongside of you and encouraging you at each stop.   I may not know what exactly I want to do next, but for now I am enjoying seeing the try zone and running as fast as I can to get there.  Sometimes I reach it, but the times I don’t I know I can trust that my team will be there to back me.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Congratulations to the National Champion Lady Cavaliers!

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