Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back To The Office...

After 3 months of being back home in Chico relaxing and sharing my Olympic story with local schools it is time to get down to business. I am now at my second home in Colorado Springs to begin training for the upcoming season. I have had a lot of fun the last few months allowing myself ‘rock star’ status. My definition of rock star status may be different than others, but to me it meant I was able to do the things I have not being able to in the past few years. This consisted of consuming whatever calories I wanted and eating as many burritos and cheese sticks as I could stand. I stayed up late, watched all my favorite T.V. shows and slept in as late as I wanted.

I have spent the last years so focused on one goal that I have not allowed myself to stray from my regimented plan. I have missed many events because the travel would affect my training. I have been sure to get as much rest as I could so my body could perform at the highest level possible. I ate foods that I enjoyed, but mostly used it as fuel. My days have been completely consumed by when I am going to train, what I am going to eat and how I am going to recover. I have done all of this because I love it and the chance to compete for Team USA is amazing, but there are times the sacrifice can be difficult. That is why I have been playing ‘catch up’ the last few months, but I am now finally ready to get back to work. I anticipate having a hard time walking after training in the next few days and weeks, but I sure enjoyed having no limitations the last few months.