Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back to Colorado

I have finally made my way back to the Tutt Boys and Girls club in Colorado Springs.  It was a great first week filled with some familiar faces and a lot of new ones.  It was very exciting to walk back into the club and a get a huge hug from one of my regular art students last year, Shyann.  Shyann was a big help last year putting together assignments as well as cleaning up the art room after class was over.  She was incredibly excited to see me and was already talking about all the new ideas she has come up with for this coming summer.  There has been a change in leadership at the Tutt Boys and Girls Club, but it seems Miss Michelle has many fun things planned for summer camp and is very willing to listen to any ideas I may have or have seen work in the past.  It should be fun filled summer and I am really looking forward to being back.