Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

After a tough few weeks of sliding and racing our team has been announced. I am fortunate enough to be selected for the World Cup team again this year and I will be heading to Europe at the end of the month to begin competition. In all honesty I did not know where I would physical be after having surgery to repair my hip labrum March, so I thanks for to be selected. I am also very grateful to the ‘team’ that has helped get healthy. I am above and beyond where I expected to be and I am looking forward to progress as I continue to regain my strength and speed.

It is always a stressful process when teams are selected, so I think we are all happy to have a chance to enjoy Halloween! It is not often that we are able to celebrate this time of year, but fortunately Halloween just happened to perfectly coincide with the finale of our selection races. After a long debate over what to dress up as Bree and I decided to be a doubles luge team. Last year, some of our friends on the luge team decided to dress up as the USA 1 bobsled team or as they have been deemed ‘Team Night Train,’ so we thought it only fitting to return the favor. We had a great Halloween, but now it is time to get back to work as we head into racing!

Night Train Bobsled Team


Bud said...

You look hot!!