Sunday, May 19, 2013

Congrats Dr. Ben!

On January 16, 2010 I was selected for the 2010 Olympic Team. This was a dream I had often been afraid to dream. I quickly ran up the stairs to connect with my parents and my sisters back in the states.  I felt an incredible amount joy and relief all at the same time.  The tears were flowing as I told my parents the news and began to realize I would be walking in the Opening Ceremony. After talking to my immediate family the next person I told was my cousin, Ben. Ben and his family have always been very supportive and interested in my bobsled endeavours.  Ben had told me when I first started sliding that if I was to ever make an Olympic team he would be there. I guess at the time this was said I didn't believe either thing was possible.  Within hours of telling Ben that I had been selected for the Olympic team, he had sent me his flight intenary and dropped everything to come.  After Ben purchased his flight my other cousins quickly followed suit and I had a whole fan club supporting me! 

Tony, Ben and John Azevedo at the Olympic Games

This past weekend I had the opportunity to support Ben as he accomplished a dream by completing medicine school and becoming Doctor Ben Azevedo! This was his time to celebrate his victory and my family and I were fortunate to be able to experience it with him. As he walked across the stage I thought of the many sacrifices he has made to accomplish his goal of becoming a Doctor. I can definitely understand and appreciate these sacrifices. I know Ben worked just as hard to earn his M.D. as I did to earn the title of Olympian.  This was his big show, his Olympics and a memorable experience for us all!


Benjamin Azevedo said...

So proud to read this and see you in the stands cheering me on! :) Too bad you don't have my luscious chest hair...