Sunday, June 30, 2013

To The Bride and Groom!

Because I did not thoroughly read the Chisam/Azevedo Wedding Itinerary I missed the portion under the rehearsal dinner that said ‘wedding party speeches.’  Better late than never?

After taking Biology class in junior high I began to tease Chelsea that she had all of the recessive genes in the family.  I had many reasons for this, (some were not so nice) but the main reason was that my entire family has dark hair and Chelsea as born with blonde hair.  I concluded that either she was the mail man’s kid or she must have all the weaker genes in my family.  Now reflecting back I have realized that I was in fact wrong.  I didn’t know it at the time that Chelsea actually gained the best combination of our parent’s most genuine qualities.
Throughout Chelsea’s High School years I watched her grow as a person and an athlete.  She was tactfully able to balance her time between school, gymnastics and track and field.  Throughout the spring time she spent hours upon hours training for her two sports and somehow managed to also excel in school.  She has always put 100 percent into everything she has done including her relationship with Chris.   After a successful high school track and field career Chelsea had many college opportunities.  I remember her coming to me asking me what my thoughts were and how I enjoyed my time at UCDavis.  I was nervous for Chelsea to follow my footsteps and select UCDavis, but also knew she would love Davis as much as I had.  Chelsea is four years younger than I am so she was just beginning college as I was exiting.  Fortunately, I decided to stay another year in Davis, which is really when I got to know the person my sister Chelsea had become.

I remember when Chelsea told me she had a ‘crush’ on a guy on her team.  She explained to me how much of a gentleman he was and how kind and caring he was to her.  I am obviously very protective of my sister so many questions followed.  After getting to know Chris I have seen that he is the ying to her yang.  He calms her down when things get tough and always supports her in any endeavor she chooses.  As Chelsea has grown older her hair became darker and heart became open to Chris.  She is one of the most caring and loving people I have ever met and now will be sharing this love with Chris and the rest of his family.  Cheers to Chris and Chelsea!


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