Monday, May 19, 2014

How We Bean


In 2010 I was fortunate enough to join the likes of Amory Rowe and In The Arena.  It has been exciting to watch to the nonprofit grow and to now be partnered with L.L.  Bean.  The values the of the company fit nicely with the core of what In The Arena and all the athlete mentors stand for.
After receiving my new L.L. Bean tote I started to think about how my life has drastically changed over the last few months and how the items I carry have shifted.  I have ditched my helmet and traded my bobsled spikes for cleats.  The transition from bobsled brakeman to rugby rookie has been difficult, but enlightening.  Instead of heading to the Boys and Girls club, I now put my rugby ball in my L.L Bean tote and head to my new ITA project working with the high school rugby National Champions.  I try to be an example to them and hope they understand it is important to make the best out of every situation. 

I have also added school books into my L.L. Bean tote.  Along with all the changes in my life I am working towards narrowing down the career choices that interest me and taking a few classes seems to be the perfect way to do that. I keep a notebook with me to write down progress and contacts that I have made each day.    

In addition to the physical items in my L.L Bean tote bag I also have the things that I stand for and who I am.  My tote is sewn and stitched with my core values of integrity, honesty and courage.  No matter how the contents may change in the upcoming weeks, months and years these values will forever be ingrained in the fabric of my bag.