Saturday, July 11, 2015

When I meet kids at the Boys and Girls Club for the first time I usually ask them the same question; if you had a super power what would it be? So when I asked my new friend Isaac this question I was very touched when he responded that his super power would enable him to make food fall from the sky so no one would be hungry.  I really like asking kids about their super power because I feel like it opens up a conversation and gives insight into their life.  I have heard a variety of responses when I ask this question, but surprisingly a majority of the kids create a super power that allows them to help other people. 

However, I was concerned after Isaac told me his desired super power that he was having days at home without food.  I delicately talked with him about his home life and wanted to understand how he decided on his super power.  After talking with Isaac I learned a ton about his family and he even pitched his dad’s car washing business to me!  Isaac finally explained to me that he wanted the ability to create food because he had had a friend at school that would not have food at lunchtime.  Isaac said he shared his food with his friend daily and Isaac was concerned that others were also not given lunch.  He wanted to ability to produce food from the sky, so that people like his friend would not go without food.  The kids at the Boys and Girls Club constantly surprise me and keep me thankful that no matter what has been going on in my life, my basic needs have always been covered.  Isaac chose his super power based off putting his friend’s needs in front of his own desires.  He could have chosen any super power, but chose something that he thought would be able to help other people.  I am excited to continue to get to know Isaac and all of the other kids at the Chula Vista Boys and Girls Club.