Sunday, October 18, 2015

When I first started playing rugby there were a couple things that I wanted to accomplish.  First, I wanted to make friends and get to know people in the bay area.  Second I wanted to have an enjoyable experience.  In the back of my mind I had hoped that I would be able to catch on to the sport quick enough to be given an opportunity to compete at a higher level, but that was not at the top of my goals.  Now that I am training full time for rugby at the Olympic Training Center it is easy to lose sight as to what I set out to accomplish and succumb to the pressures of being in a highly competitive environment. 

When I am looked back as a rugby player, whether I am released tomorrow or I make a team I want to be remembered as someone who was always kind, helpful and someone who was always able to keep perspective on the important things in life.  The reality is I have already accomplished what I have set out to.  I have made some amazing lifelong friends and I have been living an experience that I did not think I would ever have.  As long as I am able to remember those things I can get out on the field and just enjoy playing because I have nothing to lose.  As exciting as it would be to make another Olympic Team I am honored to be considered and even more honored that I was given a second chance to enjoy the experience.  Every day I work to keep myself accountable and wake up enjoying the opportunity I have been given to train and compete for Team USA.