Monday, November 16, 2015

Grateful for Friendship

I spent this evening with a few of my teammate watching the Women’s Premier Rugby League National Championship game.  We were cheering for the Berkeley All Blues, our former club team as they looked to take the National title.  Many of the ruggers I had played with and became close friends with when I played were Berkeley were on the field.  Although they lost it was so much fun to watch my friends and former teammates fight together for a National Championships. 

As we get close to Thanksgiving I couldn’t help but look around today and think how thankful I am for the friends I have made playing rugby.  When I moved to the bay area I literally didn’t know anyone, but my sister and brother in law.  I had to start from the ground up to rebuild my life and create a new support system.  I was overwhelmed by all the change in my life and struggling to cope.  Rugby has a very unique culture and is incredibly inclusive, which is what I truly love about it.  When I started playing rugby I had no idea that I would instantly gain a team full of friends.  The support that comes with being a rugby player does not just stop nationally, but is also internationally.  I know that wherever I go I will be able to find rugby players in that area and already have a common bond and an instant group of friends.  This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the friends I have gained and the bonds that continual get stronger.  I have proven to myself that no matter what road I take or what happens in my life I can always dig myself out and make the best of any situation.