Monday, January 25, 2016

This week at the Boys and Girls Club we learned about the different food groups on the food pyramid.  It was eye opening to hear what the kids thought was healthy food and what they did not think was healthy. It made me laugh when one of the boys was very confident when he was explaining to me that cereal had its very own food group.  It was very clear to me how important early nutritional education is for children.  Obesity is a huge issue throughout the nation and education for parents and their children plays a huge role in the fight against childhood obesity.  I was excited to teach the kids how to make choices when they are deciding on what to eat and how their plates should look with their meals on them.  Each of the kids was given a paper and they had to decide what foods were in the proper food group and how many servings of each they needed per day.  I was happy to see that by the end of the course most of the children understood the importance of eating healthy and how to make it happen.