Sunday, April 3, 2016

Irene and I after the tournament
Recently my teammate Irene Gardner presented me with my first USA Rugby Jersey! What an amazing honor and thrill represent the United States once again and even more incredible to hear Irene's presentation.   
Em, I know this is a long awaited opportunity. We talk about being resilient and determined and you are a true representation of such qualities. I have not met someone so dedicated to sport as you. You have trained at the highest level in 2 sports. You have transferred your knowledge and passion to rugby, and have been utterly determined to understand the game and adapt to the physical and mental demands of the sport. 

I am proud of you in all you have worked for, your patience, and your selfless efforts to make your teammates and this team stronger. 

I am honored to present you with your jersey for your debut for USA rugby. 

Be proud and believe. And know I do. Let your passion drive your play. 


Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Em!! I love you!

Amber said...

You are incredibly talented! I am so proud of Emily the athlete, but am even more proud of Emily the person.