Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am finally back ‘home’ or at least back in the states after two long grueling months in Europe racing and competing. I am so happy to be in sunny Chula Vista, California where I have been able to meet up with fellow ITA athlete Mike Hazle and get some recovery and training before heading out to Vancouver. I am incredibly content training in t-shirts and soaking up the sun after a long cold winter. It feels great to be back in the states and have a little down time before all the excitement that will be happening in the next few weeks. Being in Europe really makes me appreciate a lot of things we are fortunate enough to have in the states. I appreciate not having to drive a manual car everywhere and being able to eat the things I love. I hopped off the plane and the first place I went was to get a burrito, next was to get a Starbucks coffee and then some good ole California sushi. To say the least I stuffed my face as soon as I got back! I love the fact I can turn on the television and understand everything, I can pay for things with familiar money and turn on the radio and find music that I know. It is good to be back. God Bless America

Mike Hazle and I at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center