Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Pin Craze

I decided since I am a rookie Olympian it is best for me to soak up the experience because who knows if I will ever get this once in a lifetime chance again. So, I am doing everything I can from pin collecting to playing Dance Dance Revolution with athletes from different countries. Pins are the currency here in the athlete village and around. The volunteers and spectators want all the best pins from all the different countries, but the athletes really have the advantage of getting these collectable pins. If you have an awesome pin people will do close to anything to get it. Who would have thought I would have gotten into pin trading and collecting? I think Grandma Betty would be proud and would probably tell me that someday these will go for a ton. I think she may have been wrong thinking that with the Cabbage Patch Dolls, but with these rare Olympic pins she might be right. I have traded countless pins with many countries and I am having a small competition with some of my teammates for who can get the best pins. The pins that are the most sought after are the pins from the smaller nations as they only have a limited number to give away. So far I have gotten of 30 pins from different nations including the ones I really wanted, Spain and Portugal. I was even lucky enough to get an exclusive ITA athlete Torin Koos pin! Ghana and Jamaica are next on the list of pins to get, so tomorrow I am going to search for some new friends (and pins).


adampresslersmith said...

Go get 'em CHAMP!!

Grandma Betty said...

I told your Mom to tell you that I made at least two to three times what I paid for my Cabbage Patch Dolls and my Care Bears, I kept my dolls and bears in their original boxes. That's why they were so valuable.

Judi Roth said...

Hey, Emily - your excitement is fantastic - exhuberant, bubbling, way cool! Your mom came by school today to let us know she was leaving tomorrow - we sent gifts with her for you. Have the time of your life - we are with you all the way. Judi Roth