Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feel the rhythm feel the ryhme......

School has started in Colorado Springs and with that comes a new group of kids at the Boys and Girls Club.  It was very difficult to say good bye to the summer campers, but I am getting to know and learning more about the new kids everyday.  It was exciting to meet two new girls who almost immediately remembered meeting me at the Olympic Training Center.  They recalled my sport and were very excited to share with their peers what I do.  I was heartbroken to hear that many of the kids had no idea what Bobsled was and did not watch any of the winter Olympics.  Of course, I asked them if they had seen the movie "Cool Runnings," which is how most people identify our sport, but none of them had.  I found the movie (which took a great deal of work!) and we all watched it together.  I got a chance to explain with the boys and girls what I do and answer any questions they had about my sport.  It was a lot of fun to see how focused they were watching the movie and trying to figure it all out.  I am glad they got to learn a little about me as I learn more about each of them.