Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good bye and Good luck!

Friday was a sad day at the Boys and Girls Club. It was the last day of Ms. Marie, a longtime employee of the club. I don’t know if I really realized until this day how much of an impact we can actually have on the kids. Ms. Marie is one of the most kind, nurturing, loving people I have met and truly has motivated me to form a more personal connection with the kids at the club. Many of the kids come from very difficult family lives and come to the club to get relief from these situations for a few hours. It allows them to be kids, something they may not have the ability to be at home. I have heard many of the kids talk about how they have a parent in jail or a mother who is never home because she has to always work to take care of the family. Some of these kids raise themselves and their siblings. Ms. Marie has been a stable parent figure to many of these kids and has been a kind heart to help heal some of their pain. A majority of the kids were in tears as Ms. Marie said her final good byes. I saw many boys who are taught to act tough and are constantly getting in trouble sob and talk about how Ms. Marie has encouraged and impacted them during her last four years at the club. I am constantly told by people in my community that I have inspired them by chasing my dreams, but people like Ms. Marie are the true inspirations. I can only hope that I am having half the influence Ms. Marie has made at the Boys and Girls Club. We will miss you Ms. Marie.