Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moving forward

The last few months at the Boys and Girls Club have been incredible, but now it is time to move forward towards my upcoming season.  I really enjoy my sport and have amazing opportunities because it, but it always feel as if I am leaving.  Over the past three years I have spent longest amount of time in one place in Colorado Springs, but when the 6 months come to end I am more than ready to begin sliding.  I am almost not even sure if I know how to be in one place for any longer than that!  I was very sad to leave the Boys and Girls club and all the friends I have made there, but I recieved a nice card and huge hug from the kids as I left.  I will miss them very much, but I hope we can keep in contact throughout the upcoming months. Thank you for welcoming me into the Tutt Boys and Girls Club family!