Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bobsled Time!

I am currently in Lake Placid, New York for the start of bobsled season. We have been here for almost two weeks, preparing for our World Cup team selection races this coming week. There are a lot of new faces in the bobsled world and also a few returning teammates. It is always fun to see the reaction of the rookies after they take their first bobsled runs. It is hard to explain what it feels like, but I can guarantee it is unlike anything you have every experienced. So far I think we have only had one person go home after experiencing the trips, so in my book that is a small victory!

On the women’s side of things we have three former push athletes trying their hand in the front of the sled and six rookie brakeman with some serious potential. It is really great for our program to have successful push athletes turn to drivers as we know they will have a great push as they progress in their driving skills. It is also good for us to have this many rookie athletes coming from successful college athletic careers having interest in our sport. I remember back four years ago when I first started sliding and I was one of two rookie brakeman, so it is great to see that interest in growing as we move toward 2014.

My very first bobsled race in 2006

2007 World Championships with Erin Pac