Sunday, November 7, 2010

To The Beach!

8 hours after beginning my travels this morning to Park City, Utah and I am still where I started, in the Albany airport.  But there is one catch…… I am 800 dollars (well, United dollars) richer!  I am not sure if the lady at the United counter has ever seen anyone as excited as I was to give up a plane seat.  Not only did I give my seat up once, but also a second time!  I was all but begging her to take my seat away from me and now I feel like I have won the plane voucher jackpot! I am not going to go as far as to say that I enjoy what the Albany airport has to offer; although it is very hard to pick which healthy option, McDonalds or Pizza, I will choose for lunch.  I chose pizza.  I do, however, appreciate sitting here and thinking of all the warms places I can fly with these vouchers.  I can never understand why everyone is not as anxious as I am to exchange a plane seat and a little time for a vacation flight.  As I look around I realize that it spending a couple extra hours in airport so that many of the passengers could get home to their children and families.  Often I am reminded of some of the things I give up for this lifestyle, but also the freedoms that it allows me to have.  I will have plenty of time for family and children, but for now I am going to sit here basking in my glory thinking of the tan I will get in the spring.  


Luray VA Accommodations said...

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Zoila Gomez said...

I feel you Emily- Last February on my way back from Texas I gave up my seat in Houston. Stayed there for extra 4 hours. I called a few relatives that live there and they came to the airport to visit with me for a couple of hours. Cant wait to give up my seat in the future :)