Sunday, December 5, 2010

I have been all over the world, but nothing can ever compare to being home for Thanksgiving with my family. Each year I have a hard time being away during the Thanksgiving holiday and I never really knew why. I shared how difficult Thanksgiving can be for me with Bree and she helped me realize that I miss it so much because I have many fond childhood memories connected to the holiday. I remember waking up every Thanksgiving being so excited and proud to help my fathers ‘surgical nurse’ and help him stuff and stitch up the turkey just like he does daily as a surgeon. After turkey surgery was done we would watch the Macys day parade and lounge most the day until it was time to bake our usual meal including, whipped potatoes, green bean casserole, and sweet potatoes.  I love food and nothing compares to my mom's home cooked meals, especially on Thanksgiving.  This year I was not sure if I would get a meal that was at all similar to a typical Thanksgiving dinner, but last minute we were able to whip together a meal as close to Thanksgiving as we could in less than an hour. It was nice to be with my bobsled family and be thankful of what each of us has been able to accomplish in the last year.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and so have the first two World Cups, where Bree and I finished 6th. I am happy with our results and of course that I am healthy enough to race, but as every athlete knows it is hard to be satisfied with anything but being the best. Seeing all the women on the podium in front of us only pushes us more and more each week to get our first top three results. We are now in Park City, Utah gearing up for our third World Cup race. I love racing in Park City and I can not wait to see what we can do this upcoming week.

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