Sunday, December 19, 2010

Racing For a Cure

Last year each person on our team was asked if we had cause or charity that was special to us. I immediately responded and expressed that breast cancer awareness and fighting for a cure for breast cancer is something close to my heart. My mother is a 25 year breast cancer survivor and was given a 50-50 chance to survive another 5 years after her diagnosis. Luckily, thanks to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments she has not had a reoccurrence and has been an amazing mother to my three sisters and I. After expressing my mothers involvement with breast cancer awareness in our community the Bobsled and Skeleton Federation connected with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and we had the honor of racing the entire season with their logo on our sled.

Now we take it up a notch. This week our sled was wrapped to be the “Susan G. Komen” bobsled, or as we like to call it- our ‘boobsled.’ Sporting the bright pink ribbon on it’s sides, and shadows or ribbons throughout, the last two world cup races before Christmas took on a greater purpose. Olympic sports are prized throughout the world for athlete’s endless dedication to their dreams. But that’s just one individual’s dream. We are admired for our tenacity, but the reality is Olympic athletes have made it to that level by being experts at catering to their own needs. This week was a different story however, as I had the opportunity to not only represent my country on a world platform, but also bring attention to a cause that is greater than me, greater than bobsled, and so close to my heart.

Though the usual race nerves were there, there was also a certain amount of comfort as I warmed up for these races knowing that I was in a sense, “racing for the cure.” My mother came out on the positive side of her 50-50 chances, and this was a celebration of her determination that she passed down to me. Our hope is throughout the season we can raise awareness for breast cancer research and support the Susan G Komen foundation in their quest to find a cure.