Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thank You Kings!

It was always a special treat going to a Sacramento Kings games when we were young. My family had 3 season tickets about six rows from the floor, which eventually grew to 4 tickets.  I remember during Christmas break being so proud and excited to go to the Kings game with my dad.  I loved to watch Mike Bibby and Chris Weber gracefully move across the floor and hear the crowd explode as they scored point after point.  And of course it was enjoyable watching Vlade Divac with his antics and his infamous “Vlade-flop.”  I even had a chance to watch Michael Jordan in one of his final games in the NBA. Many fond memories have been formed in this arena.

Tonight as I sit with my family watching the Kings once more I can't help but be thankful to the kings organization for allowing us a chance to create family memories. I do not know how long Sacramento will house the Kings, but I do know that Sacramento will always be home to this Kings fan.

Vlade Divac, Elana Meyers and I at the Olympics