Sunday, March 24, 2013

Training for the Brain

Many times I speak to various schools and organizations.  My objective is to encourage the audience to dream big and find an avenue to execute any crazy goal they may have.  Based off my experience I recognize that some of these goals may be unorthodox, but this does not mean they are unreachable.  Last week I had the opportunity to visit my former teammate, Julie.  I was able to sit in on a few of her classes and see the incredible things her and her classmates are working to accomplish.  I found myself being the one to leave Elon Law inspired. 

There are many aspects of Law school students and Olympic Athletes that can be paralleled.  Both are working in a largely competitive environment and are doing what it takes to be the best in their respective fields.  An Olympic Athlete will make sure they are getting enough rest, eating the right foods and being smart about their training so that they may have an edge on their competition, which in many cases are their teammates.  In Law School it seems to be very similar.  Each student is working to push themselves and ultimately wish to out perform other students in their class.  Law school is not only competitive, but it is also requires time management and the ability to work as a team just as being a competitive athlete does. 

I was mostly impressed by Julie and her ability to manage caring for her 2 and ½ year old daughter while attending Law School.  Both of these tasks would be considered a full time job in itself, but combing the two seems merely impossible.  I watched as Julie had late nights and early mornings, so that she could be a combination of super mom and super student.  She has chosen this path so that she may be able to create a better life for her daughter.  It was inspirational to watch her work towards accomplishing both her goals of raising her daughter and becoming a lawyer.  The skills she learned as an elite athlete are skills that she is still using in her life today. 

Thank you to Julie and to Elon Law for inspiring me as I move into another intense competitive season.     
Julie, Jamia and Emily- 2007 season