Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Rugby Weekend

This past weekend I was able to experience rugby in many different lights.   First, I attended a rugby gala which celebrated 75 years of rugby in the bay area.  I was able to hear about the numerous clubs rooted in the bay area along with learning about the history and growth of rugby throughout the United States.  The room was filled with many retired male athletes, but it was also nice to see women’s clubs represented and experience the expansion of rugby.  Rugby is like no sport I have ever been a part of.  Even if athletes are foes on the field there is a common understanding and a level of respect for the game between players.

 Next, I traveled a college rugby sevens tournament to cheer on many of the graduated high school lady Cavaliers who are now playing on college teams.  Many of these girls expressed concerns last spring about transitioning to college, so it was fun to see them settling right in and earning starting roles on their respective teams.   Additionally, I have been playing a small coaching role with the Cal’s rugby team and was able to see the hard work the ladies put in each and every week pay off with the tournament victory. 

Lastly, the Lady Cavaliers High School Rugby Club had their first official practice today!  It was exciting to see many new faces interested in learning and competing in rugby.  I am always super impressed with how accepting and positive the team is when it comes to making new players feel comfortable.  I for one can attest to the fact that trying a new sport at any age takes courage, so I was proud of each young lady who put the effort in today to try something new.