Sunday, November 30, 2014


Throughout my eight years of bobsled I was only able to spend Thanksgiving with my family once, so this year it felt like a rare treat to experience the family time that I previously sacrificed.  I appreciate more than ever the family members and friends who have supported my athletic career as well as coming to my aid throughout this transition to a new phase in my life.  In the past it has been difficult to miss out on family events and as my priorities shift, so has the importance of attending. 

Sitting around the television with my family watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year reminded me of the many times we had done that when we were kids.  When I was a little girl I use to get up early each Thanksgiving morning, so that I could watch the parade and help my dad stuff and sew up the turkey.  I loved being his assistant and following his meticulous surgical stitches as we tightly sewed the turkey closed.  I could never quite figure out how people who didn’t have a surgeon in the family could adequately keep the stuffing in the turkey cavity. 

Each Thanksgiving my dad and I were in charge of cooking the turkey, a job we both took very seriously.   I would patiently wait for our turkey to be cooked, so I could be first to try our golden brown work of art.  On a daily basis my dad has limited cooking expertise, but during Thanksgiving the turkey was always his domain.  I could see him beam as we pulled the turkey out and began to carve off each succulent piece.  Although our turkey responsibilities have changed over the year we are now able to create new memories with our growing family.